Every now and then I get under the stern instruction of the old man to lock myself up in my room and clean up. I stumbled upon a disc belonging to him labelled Zilizopendwa. This one brought memories. My favourite song growing up was contained here. I quickly fired up the laptop to listen to the track.
Some of you might remember Gabriel Omolo’s song, “Lunch time.”I don’t know why I relate this song to everyone I see hanging around Uhuru Park. Anyway this song makes me laugh every time.
Three days later, my best friend and I are sitting under a tree at Uhuru Park-ok-Central Park(I’m forced to note there’s a difference but we all know that isn’t true) having buns and soda for lunch. Oh well, tis January after all.
Wengine wanakunywa soda na keki huku roho yote kwa chapati na ng’ombe. We decided to stretch out our legs and take one from where we sit. And by the way, I’m the owner of the bigger shoe; you know what they say about men with big feet.


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