For Better For Worse


You see this picture here? Allow me to digress. I hate weddings. They make the day really long especially when you’re not involved in any way. You’re the one sitting at the back of the congregation because the bride is the cousin of the uncle to your mother. It would be easier for everyone for the two to go sign some papers in a government office and then invite everyone else for nyama choma and beer later. But hey, that’s just my opinion.
Ok, back to the photo. It’s a warm Saturday afternoon sometime in November. I attend this wedding, ok, reception to this wedding (the church part skipped me). The groom is a friend of mine, let’s call him Robert. The bride we’ll call Catherine.
So Robert and Catherine aren’t here when I arrive. I hear they’ve gone for a photo session somewhere else, yet I trudge everywhere around this place with a camera around my arm, sigh.
Almost twenty minutes later I hear distant singing. Finally, they’re here. I struggle to get close enough to where they are yet I don’t take any shot. I look closely, waiting for the perfect moment. All this time my camera has its colour effect turned to red only. In the shot, only the red of the tie-or is it orange?-of the groom stands out. I had fun in this one though, the food was amazing.
To Robert and Catherine we wish a happy marriage.


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