Over time I have learnt that, as a photographer the moments you try to capture won’t always be perfect. There are times you don’t quite get it as you imagined it and it gets you to the gut. You curse but that’s all you’ll do. It’s gone. You here that voice of that ex saying, move on. And it’s never fun to move on from a good moment that you would have captured yet you don’t shut that lens, you stare down at it and say, “there’ll be another.’’ But when you do get them you walk around like the sun shines through your lens.

On this day I come across two children skipping their way home after school. I doubt either of them is even ten. A boy and a girl, brother and sister I presume. I’m not going to lie and say that this reminded me of myself, no, at that age I could always find my Dad waiting outside school to take me home. I could tell that they were going to walk a long way because I didn’t see any house nearby. Even then they still laughed and played around like they were in an amusement park. I’m impressed at this display of endurance.

This would make for a good story, I think; so I pull out the camera from its bag (I’ve been thinking of writing a piece about this bag by the way) and everything, the sky, everything just comes together. And then, like greased lightning, (always wanted to use that one) like clockwork, a car comes out on the side of the road to spoil this moment of bliss. At this point I’m as mad as a hatter. If you look very closely above the bumper you will those kids (one in white). I know you wonder why I didn’t just take another shot, the traffic thought it convenient to suddenly start moving.

Oh well, there’ll be others.


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