Jacky, My Love

I was reading another blogger’s post about that type of girl, now, for all those who don’t know who that type of girl is, she’s the one that acts like the sun shines through her cleave. That spoilt rich girl that goes horse riding just to pass time. We all know these types, those that will never foot the bill on a date although they’ll go home in a taxi, nay, cab- saying taxi is just too mainstream for them. Are you thinking of someone? I know I am, yes Wanjiku, it is you.

And then there is Jacky. She has always been there for me in this path that is photography. If there’s any truth to the saying that black is beauty then Jacky is the perfect example. Sometimes she gets intimidated because among her peers she is small in stature. I look at her and I just want to put her out of her misery, to hide her; she tells me it’s fine all I have to do is to hold her and not feel sorry for her. She tells me to love her for whom she is and with time I truly have.

She waits patiently with me for the perfect moments, and every time I tell her how proud I am to have her when we get that shot right. When we miss those moments, it’s a sad time for both of us but she pushes me to carry on. Let’s not go back home, not just yet, she tells me. Jacky has night blindness too, I’ve been trying to get to the root of this problem but I can’t. Let’s just say I understood that Legend guy when he talked about perfect imperfections. I’m trying to be as sweet as possible here but by now I’m sure you’ve figured I’m talking through a hat.

Before I go on, maybe I should tell you who Jacky really is. Before the wife starts asking who is this Jacky. (Although she never reads any of my posts) Jacky is my Lumix FZ18. Jacky is my camera. So maybe you’re wondering why the name Jacky. Well there is a story here. You might want to sit down for this.

You know that song, is it called Night shift?-I don’t know. It goes something like this, “gonna be some sweet love, sweet lo-ve, on the night shift” you know it right? There’s a Jacky somewhere there. So anyway this camera belonged to my old man. We were going back home from-somewhere- and this song was playing on the radio when he asked me if I wanted to have it. At that time the word photographer didn’t mean that much to me. So I said yes and the rest is history. Ok maybe it’s not worth sitting down for but still, Jacky over Wanjiku any day.

This is Jacky
This is Jacky

I now take this chance to bid farewell to one Eddie Wanyoike, a former classmate of mine; May his soul rest in peace eternally.


4 thoughts on “Jacky, My Love

  1. Speechless… Wewe si uandike to kitabu…..

    Mesmerized once again… And to think that my teachers said I was a good story teller, one who captured their attention with my words… Wapi…. They lied…. You have outshined me…….

    But you got real talent Cuzo… REAL TALENT…..

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  2. Yaani… I love reading, and am amazed by your talent,when i first started my web, which as you can see has no article on it yet, this kind of writing is what i had in mind, you are a source of inspiration Muthaka.

    Liked by 1 person

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