Straight from the heart

“Failure causes sadness. It causes disappointment but you never give up. You never give up you pick yourself up you brush yourself off, you push forward you move on, you adapt, you overcome.”


What makes a writer? Hmm? Is it the ability to coin a million dollar phrase at the drop of a hat? Is it to churn out a 3000 word piece? Or maybe it’s being able to paint a most vivid picture of a single moment. To make writing seem like the ultimate form of art like Jackson Biko does? What I ask; what?

If that’s what it takes to be called a writer then I, Muthaka am not a writer. Quite honestly I really don’t know anything about it, this writing. I don’t even talk that much. A writer will read my blog and tell you my pieces are a bar below average, or average or even very dictionary language-y. A writer will tell you the pieces are too short, hell; some will tell you they have no soul. I always thought I could handle criticism, well, not so much. I try. The-too short one I’m ok with, but no soul? That one got my gut. When you are a writer and you have nothing to write you lose sleep, you feel like your mind has hit a brick wall. I hear they call it writer’s block. If I lose sleep it’s usually for normal reasons like buzzing mosquitoes.

But I do know a thing or two about camera-work and it seems I’ve been holding the camera for a bit too long that I forgot where it all started, graphic design. Let me blow a gaff here. I’ve been trying to set my teeth into designing a logo to put, well; everywhere there is my work, ever since December. I don’t how but graphic design escapes me, maybe it’s because it wasn’t drilled into me well enough during my training-online.

You see, a couple weeks ago a friend, Ferdinand Kamata (FK) asked me to throw in some effects on a picture of this pretty lady. I kept putting it off because even before I started working on the image I could feel it, it was there in black and white, I had lost touch. I couldn’t do anything with the picture. Everything I tried turned out to be a disaster. Maybe FK had promised this girl a kick-ass picture. The guilt kills me, so FK from me to you, pole sana. Also sorry to all the others for the pictures I never returned.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t do anything about it though. I am going to enrol for graphic design classes. I can’t and I won’t let it get away from me.


5 thoughts on “Straight from the heart

  1. I felt your pain right there, ati no soul? That is just heartless… And ofcourse false…. I havent read Jackson Bikos articles yet, but i respect him just because he has inspired you to write such beautiful pieces. You are going places Muthaka.


  2. Yes, Mike. Wow.
    Intensity. SOUL!
    Triple threat. Write. Shoot. Edit. Get back to where you were in Graphic Design! I rememeber the the Cocky yet always ready to teach ‘master of the photoshop’ man in the computer lab… Get it back!!!


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