At 2.A.M.

It is said that when it’s after 2 a.m. you should just go to sleep. Well I can’t tonight, the odious devils of this hour are nudging me with their forks, they wont let me off, not tonight. I know I said i dont suffer writer’s block but this one is some block alright. it’s something that makes my insides coil, you see, when you’re an artist you live in constant fear that your art will be taken by someone else at the slightest slip and right now my creativity is being thrown off a cliff. I haven’t been able to take good pictures lately, (photographer’s block, that’s what it is) the reason why this post has no picture and with no pictures this wouldn’t be a Plog, without pictures you’d be left with log and there’s only so much you can do with a log(do you see what this block has done to me?)

At 2 a.m. I thought i finally had a kick-ass post to bang after so long; I crawled out of bed to put pen to paper, quite literally because well, no one likes how that cursor blinks. i swear I hear that thing talk to me, so unaandika ama? Bastard!

Honestly I don’t think whatever this is will get to 300 words, I’m just playing with words and even then it’s a dangerous game, weren’t you taught not to play with logs? Bare with me if i haven’t changed your life in any way so far.

I am a hopeless insomniac and I just want to talk to someone, someone who will listen to my endless whining about this block and I cant turn to old Mr. Daniels because it’s lent, it’s what I choose to give up. So I try to find anyone who is online to whatsapp with, I hear it’s called apping now. Please, anyone, even that girl that always replies with emoticons; even Wanjiku for christsake.

If you’re still reading this it means you haven’t lost faith in me, lets pray

Dear God, I thank you for the gift of logs, I thank that I have written this much without saying anything in particular but most of all I am thankful that there’s someone out there reading this. If i am being punished for any wrong with this block then I am heartily sorry. Please open my eyes so that I may see and capture theย  most amazing things that you took time to piece together, I pray that my creativity may be restored. Amen.

It appears though that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Yours truly has been called upon to be on the creative team that will develop the brand that is Patoh Njuguna, surely you’ve heard of him dear faithful reader. Not yet? A new artist on the scene. I cannot say much right now but I will be documenting some of the stuff here. Wish me luck.


7 thoughts on “At 2.A.M.

  1. Mike you are hilarious… you really are, and I remember there’s a time you were in our cube with Mike Laria (#7) and Victor Muia discussing TakeOver business and you said,”tunahitaji meu mfunny, sasa nani Ni mfunny aka?” then you put on that seriouslyrics sarcastic face of yours, with your fist to your mouth…
    This question you asked after literally cracking up the whole cube for at least 5 minutes… and then non sensically laughing at your own jokes so infectiously that we had to join in…

    Your block shall end… where did you first get inspired.. go back to that place… find what it was. The first time.

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