Remember Patoh Njuguna?

Patoh still doing his time
Patoh still doing his time
This is Patoh Njuguna
This is Patoh Njuguna

Of course you do. Have you heard the song Disco? Well this is Patoh Njuguna, the guy behind it. He is an artiste with a lion-heart and a voice that will knock your socks off. When he strings a guitar (with his thumb not that plastic thingamajig) you will fall in love. Come on, that’s impressive right? I don’t think he sees this though; he’s too busy trying to move up in the world. You haven’t had a bad day till you’ve walked in a struggling musician’s shoes and you can take that to the bank. Do you want to know what passion is? It’s quitting your job to follow your dreams; we all have the right to chase those. So Patoh, hats off to you.
Did I mention that he also plays the piano? I’ve learnt a lot working with him, I wasn’t always good at photographing people, I’m trying now. So there’s something worth saving here. I’ve also learnt that he is the best african timer there is.
He called me up last week to accompany him to record a track with some indie musician, Alicia (not her real name). We agreed to meet at about 1 p.m. with two other guys but this chap showed after an hour; I consider leaving but at this point I need him more, I mean, who knows, maybe Miss Alicia will see my big black-and wait for it- my big black camera and want to schedule a photo-shoot. (I didn’t take Jacky on this one, indoors she’s about as useful as an old horse)
A mat and a short-lived cab ride is what it took for us to get to the studio. The place seemed to try to be leafy. Just as I’m pressing record on the camera I hear this heavenly voice behind me, it’s Alicia. She hugs and kisses our cheeks and I think, very friendly this, Alicia. No sign of ego, she doesn’t act too big for her boots.We head in to meet the producer who is not the smallest guy in the world. The camera is suspended around my neck as I still take video when I shake his hand and he decides to play the shocked card, “Oh, they’re cameras? Why are there cameras?”
“Cameras are the new tie you bastard.”
Ok I didn’t say that. I don’t have the slightest respect for him now; he doesn’t even have a beard. At least I have a seven hair strand goatee. No one answered his silly question. I continue to take pictures of Alicia as Patoh does his thing in the booth. I can’t post all the pictures here because of legal issues, but I got the most amazing shots of her by the window. I am up to 518 words right now, uncharted territory this.

DSC00792 DSC00791
The two were doing a cover for “four five seconds” by Rihanna and Kanye West, personally I loathe this song; Alicia sounded great though but it wasn’t Patoh Njuguna style. The producer realized this after a whole hour.
After a couple of takes, Mr. No beard says he wants to wrap up. He says he’ll see what he can do with the recordings and get back to us. We are a hungry lot by now as we skipped lunch so we just want to get out of there. Still it was a great day, Alicia kissed me after all.


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