This camp

A couple of things I learnt during Easter, it’s never Ok to mix two brands of alcohol, it will destroy you my friend, you will wake up feeling like a bear with a sore head the morning after. You know your drinking days are coming to an end when you nurse a hangie for more than 6 hours. Am I the only one who thinks saying hangie is sexy? Another thing I learnt, Betty Kyalo. I tell you friends, you haven’t seen beautiful, nay, gorgeous till you’ve seen her, till she’s walked past you along Kenyatta Avenue with a short black number. I wanted to hear her speak, to see if it was all real this, feeling, to just walk up to her and say, “Na nikuulize, matatu za rongai naweza panda wapi?” but I didn’t, I was afraid for Christ sake.

I didn’t have a story this week, I had an idea but I didn’t have a roof to put over it. So I decided to do what any other sane writer slash photographer would do,(I think I’m finally getting the hang of this, writer slash photographer thing) I went to walk around the city to look for a story and that is how I ended up in the middle of a Gor Mahia camp. Mashameji derby day. I fought hard to keep from pulling out my camera and putting these loyal faces in it, you just never know with these guys. So I hang around the corners, under the shadows, getting a pretty useless view of this green sea, look at what I had to settle for, this man and his Sirikal helmet, he made sure he had to stop in front of me and other unsuspecting citizens to pull out his iPhone, but do I say? I also took out my not so big phone, a galaxy pocket, to take this one. Seriously though, do you know how small this thing is? It’s like a small bar of Imperial Leather; but it’s alright, surely God blessed me elsewhere.


And while we’re talking about this breed, can we throw in a couple of things about fish? I loathe fish, in an aquarium it’s beautiful and all but as a meal it has no soul, it’s right up there with cabbages, my love for these two goes as far as you can throw a toothpick. It’s a daunting task to eat fish, first you have to check if it has been served to you with its mouth closed or open and then there’s that bone thing. Do you know how many people have died from fish bones stuck in their throats? A lot my friend, a lot. You have to turn it over and then you have a whole other part and if that’s not enough, you have to eat the head too, it’s the most essential part, the sweetest thing about it in fact, why is this sweetest part again? Luos? This is the only bone I have to pick with you guys, hehe.


It’s not all negative, in case someone wants to throw a rock in my direction. One thing I admire about these chaps is the loyalty they have for what they believe in, the team, the Sirikal; Gor Mahia. They gather around in numbers before a match, they jack matatus and they go to Tom Mboya Street, they rendezvous around that monument and they sing their hearts out, a great display that, one of those times you have feel nothing but love for this country. It would be great if someone would explain the sweet head though.

Anyway, I didn’t mean this post to sound tribal, it’s not what we do here, during these trying times in our country, all we want is peace. Be sure to spread the love this week . And one more thing friends, if you ever see Betty Kyalo around town be sure to drop a line. Please.


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