Mr. Sluggard

I was a backbencher in my final year of high school. Against the wall my spot was a blind; and quite warm, perfect for stealing naps during those dreadful prep sessions. That coupled with my spite for the education system showed in my result slips. They drilled knowledge into us until we could feel it going down our throats.Read More »


The Enemy lines

Friends, he’s here. Ephantus finally sent his first story. We won’t rebuke the man for not showing up two weeks ago, right? To tell you the truth I had almost given up on him, at some point I became mean to him. After asking for the piece a third time, via text, he said he’s struggling with the writing. You know what I replied back? “Join the band wagon.” But I felt sorry for him later and told him to take his time. Thursday night he sent it. And what a time, I had nothing to post.
Welcome, EphantusRead More »

Looking for Alaska

Here’s a life hack. If you’re going through an identity crisis, if you’re not sure what you want to do with your life, if you’re constantly feeling lonesome, and yet there are people around you. If, every day of your life seems like an unending pit of darkness, if you’re hungered from life and its adventures, if you’re gullible, don’t read this book.

You’ll meet a girl by that name, Alaska. She’ll twist your mind, and your heart.Read More »


On Monday I sent a text to Ephantus asking him what the hell happened to the piece he was meant to send me. This was after my call went unanswered. I told him the jury wanted his head. He replied when I was just getting to bed, “Sorry about it daddy, I’ve been with mkubwa the whole day, but a story is in the pipeline. More time please?”

I said sawa. Plus he called me daddy, how do I not fall in love with that? So let’s give the man another week friends.

I’ll make this one short. Some will probably get to the end without picking up anything useful; I have nothing clear-cut for the week, just this spongy piece about school. I wanted to tell you about the time I almost took up smoking but I don’t feel like it really, it depresses me.Read More »


I’m not a pet kind of guy. Especially cats. But I had one when I was a kid. It walked into our house one day and I adopted it. The stray cat was my cat.I loved that cat, but one day it ran away, and it broke my heart. I was damaged by that cat, so they got me a dog to forget.Read More »