At 21

I turned 21 on Friday. I woke up with two headaches that day. One a migraine from the previous day’s beer, and another one, a lady who called me, said she was looking for someone called Centrine.Read More »



Sorry for the delay folks. Deadlines, can’t always beat them.

So you think you can write? Join the herd, stand at the back where you can’t be seen. You want to get to the front this is what you do. 

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Two tales

One day, a boy went out to play with kids he thought were his friends. They were mischievous than him, slightly taller than him, and they made fun of him all the time. That day they were plain stupid. The ridicule never stopped, not even after that day. They cooked up a plan, the kids. They were going to get under Thuo’s skin-the neighborhood’s mad man. The boy didn’t want to go through with it; he knew it was murderous to mess with Thuo. So he stayed back, decided to watch from a distance. 

If he’d have stood a little bit further maybe things would have turned out differently.

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