About last week

On Sunday I woke up tired. My muscles were screaming. Fully clothed, wallowing in a swamp of my own sweat. It was 6am. I had sharp hunger pangs and blog post idea steaming in my head. And I thought, ah, si we’ll be home the whole day? Let’s work on it. But first, we eat.

So I went and had my usual, a banana and tea.

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A tooth story

Darkness is falling outside as I write this. I’m in the car. I’ve resorted to sit here because the house is a bit noisy, not that this is any silent though, the car’s stereo is turned on low. This relaxes me. Of course what I’m not telling you is that the song playing now is something by Timmy T-Dat. This man with the absurd lyrics and an even more laughable voice, it’s a sad time to be alive folks.

I’ll keep this short.

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