Chapel Tuesday

Because today was the first day of a new semester, I woke up with a start. I jogged, loaded my belly with caffeine and a banana, and then went to school. And, because mine is the sort of school to start their Emails with ‘Calvary greetings’, it was only logical that we kick off the term with a chapel meeting. Usually I don’t bother going, I only attend chapel when I have nothing to do or when I’m in the mood to listen to some uplifting hymn.

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Break time banter

A little over an hour ago I was knee deep into a piece that has to be ready before sun down tomorrow. It’s a story about a bike and a bag and watching the first draft take shape is the most heart-warming thing. I have a paltry 400 words to fork in and this is one of the few times I’m ahead of schedule, and I must say, time management doesn’t feel too bad.

Anyway, I’m on my break, which means that I have some time to make my weekly noise. And I’ll start with last Friday, when I stepped out and headed for the movie shop.Read More »

The fat kid on the hill

Not too long ago, I was snapped out of my lovely afternoon nap by my phone’s vibration. It was a text message, and it was from one of those jackpot games things. It’s legit. I know this because the number is short coded, and going by the number of texts they send, it could only be computer activated.

Usually I don’t mind this sort of thing, advertising and such. Just another person trying to make money in these capitalistic paths we tread. But I however have a bone to pick with this particular game. Read More »

Fancy-A-Drink Friday

Something weird has been happening to me. Every time I press the button on the side of my phone to check the time, the numbers on the clock always read with some kind of uniformity. So maybe I would find myself awake at 3:33am, or I’d be getting home at 18:18, or I’d be getting off the toilet seat at 20:20 on my way down to the dining room for supper.

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If a close relative passes away, there’s generally a lot of work to be done. Between the time you receive the disheartening news and the time the departed is finally laid to rest, a million little arrangements will have to be made. Someone is going to oversee the whole thing, usually an uncle who likes to get on top of things.Read More »

Another Wednesday

To tell you the truth, I don’t feel like writing today. I’ve been sitting here for the past half hour trying to come up with an intro that would fly. And, just like the exam today, I’m drawing blanks. I got home not too long ago, it was already dark and for a few tormented seconds I considered backing out of this thing of posting daily. But I’m not in the business of failing twice in one day.Read More »