Kiss my Arsenal

Disclaimer: Don’t even bother with this post if all you know about football is Manchester United.

There’s plenty of things to say about 2004. Prezzo was still on our airwaves, telling the fans he loves them, and to the haters: Kuleni sembe, meza wembe. It was the year I’d finally taste a girl’s saliva. And it wasn’t as disgusting as everyone had made it out to be.Read More »


Highway Robbery

There’s an audio file on my desktop. It’s thirty two minutes long and it contains everything that was said two weeks ago –when I sat down for a chat with my lecturer.

I was on assignment for Craft It. It was my first serious interview and I was keen on making a banger out of it.Read More »

The Hair and the Rabbit

“Don’t go back to the ship,” she begged him. “They’ll kill you there.”

She was sniffing furiously, trying not to cry, trying not to hurt him.

“It’s my ship,” he said gently. “It’s my crew. You know I have to go.”

The girl is called Lisa Larsen. She’s speaking to her hubby, Thor Larsen.Read More »