Stir with caution

Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and you don’t know the stars have aligned. You don’t know of the cosmic plot that’s about to alter your existence. Sometimes you think you know because your horoscope said so. But, as usual, the soothsayer is almost never quite on the money.


You brush your teeth by the sink and you remain blissfully unaware that the universe has carefully laid down paths for you to cross. Read More »


Waiter, there’s a crow in my garden

Few things that can instantly stir my existence:

Opening a can of beer; when the sun is on my forehead and my throat is parched. I love how the cold aluminum feels against my grateful palm. I love the ppft sound when the crown bursts. I love watching carbonated foam percolate all over rim, releasing the heavenly scent of fermented barleyRead More »