Number 2

The death sentence in Arkansas is very much like the one we have in Kenya. It doesn’t work. Instead, you sit in jail doing nothing as you wait for your human system to cave in from all the weevil infested meals. I hear in Kenya the death sentence means you get exempted from doing any community work and so I assume the criminals who are meant to go under the rope must be really bored in there, and that they’re the ones who keep sending fake jackpot text messages to the rest of us free birds.

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Down and out? Not really

You could say that he just lacked the psyche to tell stories. You could say that he became an alcoholic and the bottle drank him away from his craft. You could say that he saw a woman, fell in love with her and decided to do her instead. You could go on to say that it finally dawned on him, that they don’t pay enough for this shit and that he chose to look for a career someplace else, somewhere greener. Or you could even say that his catholic dad had a problem with him writing about masturbating women.

I have a confession. But first, Tamasha.

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Teacher Jane and a book

Aquitaine – a symbol of power and domination, a mighty kingdom

Meet Valerie. She’s a tall divorced woman with long dark hair living in her dream house with glass doors overlooking the sunbathed waters of Cape Ann. She’s a painter you see, and right now she’s putting the final touches to a sunset painting. As a struggling artist, her work is finally paying off. Although, not enough to pay for the house. The balance is taken care of by Joel Converse, her ex husband.

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