The Enemy lines

Friends, he’s here. Ephantus finally sent his first story. We won’t rebuke the man for not showing up two weeks ago, right? To tell you the truth I had almost given up on him, at some point I became mean to him. After asking for the piece a third time, via text, he said he’s struggling with the writing. You know what I replied back? “Join the band wagon.” But I felt sorry for him later and told him to take his time. Thursday night he sent it. And what a time, I had nothing to post.
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Guest post

I wasnt here last week. I made a commitment I know but things happen, and as you read this I’m knocking on a tall girl’s door. But more on that later. Now I hand over the mothership’s keys to our usual guest; Mwaniki Nyaga. He wrote this piece amid a short notice and sent it to me on sato. He always forgets to capitalize, this lad. But I like him, he says things. He titled this one: Of Ice And Heat Waves. I’ll be back next week friends.
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