Of orgasms and other excuses

Showtime went ahead and made a series called Homeland, which is really about a crazy blonde CIA woman who believes she’s the one to save America from the grasp of terrorism. At first I admired her for the work rate, for her dedication to the job of pinning down the terrorist. But then she forgot to take her pills one morning and all hell broke loose. Read More »


Guest post: What You Give Me


I first met Waridi during the Masterclass I was telling you about. Quiet girl, Waridi. She had red hair, braids, I think, and a red sweater. I don’t remember. We talked a bit then I asked her about her blog. And she said, picturethis.co.ke

“You’re kidding. You know that’s my tagline?” I asked.
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The Enemy lines

Friends, he’s here. Ephantus finally sent his first story. We won’t rebuke the man for not showing up two weeks ago, right? To tell you the truth I had almost given up on him, at some point I became mean to him. After asking for the piece a third time, via text, he said he’s struggling with the writing. You know what I replied back? “Join the band wagon.” But I felt sorry for him later and told him to take his time. Thursday night he sent it. And what a time, I had nothing to post.
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Guest post

I wasnt here last week. I made a commitment I know but things happen, and as you read this I’m knocking on a tall girl’s door. But more on that later. Now I hand over the mothership’s keys to our usual guest; Mwaniki Nyaga. He wrote this piece amid a short notice and sent it to me on sato. He always forgets to capitalize, this lad. But I like him, he says things. He titled this one: Of Ice And Heat Waves. I’ll be back next week friends.
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