Feathers and Sawdust

Uuh, hi…

How are things?

It’s been a minute.


Kila mtu ako sawa?

Tuko salama. Labda nyinyi.

Hatuna neno. Ata ndio nafika hapa town kidogo…

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Made by Hand

This post has balls. A lot of balls.

Remember when I told you about my herpes infection, and that I had a festering wound on my lip, and that I was in so much pain that you should just wake me up when September ends? Well, I forgot to tell you about my balls.Read More »

About last week

On Sunday I woke up tired. My muscles were screaming. Fully clothed, wallowing in a swamp of my own sweat. It was 6am. I had sharp hunger pangs and blog post idea steaming in my head. And I thought, ah, si we’ll be home the whole day? Let’s work on it. But first, we eat.

So I went and had my usual, a banana and tea.

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Mr. Sluggard

I was a backbencher in my final year of high school. Against the wall my spot was a blind; and quite warm, perfect for stealing naps during those dreadful prep sessions. That coupled with my spite for the education system showed in my result slips. They drilled knowledge into us until we could feel it going down our throats.Read More »