This May hurt

They finally found him. It didn’t matter that he didn’t want to be found. They finally caught him after years of snooping around. Lots of shillings had been poured in the hope of getting him. They had gone round in circles, sticking their noses in malls and coffee shops. They had chased him across town, only to be told that he had left just minutes ago. They had come so close.

But now they found him. He was seated at a clothed table near the exit. He was in the shadows, as only where one would expect him to be–in the background, away from the center.Read More »


Break time banter

A little over an hour ago I was knee deep into a piece that has to be ready before sun down tomorrow. It’s a story about a bike and a bag and watching the first draft take shape is the most heart-warming thing. I have a paltry 400 words to fork in and this is one of the few times I’m ahead of schedule, and I must say, time management doesn’t feel too bad.

Anyway, I’m on my break, which means that I have some time to make my weekly noise. And I’ll start with last Friday, when I stepped out and headed for the movie shop.Read More »