Fuck Tuesdays

Well, that didn’t last long.


I’m already exhausted by my new job. Don’t get me wrong. Read More »


Diving into the Pool

I’m old inside. Don’t let my striking youthful looks fool you. I have -old man- back and knee problems. I carry an old man in my chest. I have a man who thinks the iPhone is an abomination upon all humanity. This old man likes rice. And he hasn’t the faintest idea what a Drop box is.Read More »

Stir with caution

Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and you don’t know the stars have aligned. You don’t know of the cosmic plot that’s about to alter your existence. Sometimes you think you know because your horoscope said so. But, as usual, the soothsayer is almost never quite on the money.


You brush your teeth by the sink and you remain blissfully unaware that the universe has carefully laid down paths for you to cross. Read More »

You May Kiss the Bride

So Rachel Zane walked down the aisle on Saturday. And while I couldn’t be bothered to watch the proceedings I’m happy for the newly-weds. I really am. They have proved to us that fairy tales actually do exist. They’ve shown us the Royal family can stomach Catholics after all.

Their love story reads like something out of a Ladybird series. Hollywood meets Sussex. And as the lovely couple stood at the altar, looking into each other, all mushy and dewy-eyed, the rest of the world held its breath.Read More »